Celebrating Michigan Manufacturing

Michigan has a deep heritage in the manufacturing industry as the home of the assembly line and the auto industry.

Senate Republicans have remained committed to the state’s comeback and getting our residents back to work. In 2012, my colleagues and I sponsored legislation to completely phase out the personal property tax (PPT) by 2023.

The reforms will eliminate a tax that punished employers for expanding their businesses and investing in new equipment. Getting rid of this tax will allow Michigan business owners to reinvest the money they would have paid in taxes back into their businesses — giving them a chance to purchase new equipment, improve efficiency, train and hire more employees and even give back to their local communities.

Modern manufacturing is so much more than the typical assembly line job that most people envision. It is becoming a highly skilled and technological industry. We need to keep up with these advances and encourage our job providers to invest in their operations and bring jobs to our state.

Importantly, our PPT reforms supported our manufacturers and small businesses while also constitutionally guaranteeing that local governments are held harmless by fully reimbursing them using the state’s use tax.

Michigan is certainly making a rebound in manufacturing. The Bureau of Labor Statistics data show Michigan leading the nation with 137,800 new manufacturing jobs and manufacturers employing a nearly 600,000 workers.

Michigan is the nation’s comeback state. We came out of the recession with one of the highest unemployment rates in the country. Our unemployment rate now is the lowest it has been in more than 14 years.

It is the result of sending a message to the world that Michigan is ready to do business. I look forward to continuing our work in creating an environment that encourages businesses to grow and attract new entrepreneurs to our state.