A Pure Michigan Christmas starts with a Michigan-grown Christmas tree

It’s no mystery that Michigan is known for its natural beauty. From rolling sand dunes to clear, blue Great Lakes water to acres of lush forest areas, Michigan is home to some of the most beautiful natural resources in the nation.

While everyone can enjoy the state’s outdoors for recreation, it is also a driver of our economy. Most people know about the impact our lakes and minerals have on Michigan’s economy, yet our state is home to another booming natural industry — Christmas tree production.

Michigan is the third largest producer of real Christmas trees in the U.S., producing roughly three million trees annually and an annual wholesale harvest that exceeds $40 million.

There are about 700 Christmas tree farms in the state, and many of these farms are locally owned and operated — providing jobs in their communities.

When you purchase a Michigan-grown Christmas tree, you are not only benefitting the local economy, but also the environment. When a tree is harvested, one to three seedlings are planted in its place. Plus, natural-cut trees are easily recyclable and can be used for woodchips or mulch.

So this year, visit your local Christmas tree farm and help make this year a true Pure Michigan Christmas.

For a location to choose and cut your own Christmas tree or buy a pre-cut tree, visit www.mcta.org.