A year in review: 2015

With the New Year nearly upon us, we reflect upon the year that was. The achievements the Michigan Senate Republicans made in 2015 will continue moving Michigan forward on the road to recovery.

The Senate Republicans led the way in cultivating a positive environment for job creation and economic growth. As a result, Michigan has added more than 420,000 private sector jobs in five years and our state unemployment rate dropped below the national average for the first time since more than 15 years.

For the fifth consecutive year, Senate Republicans passed a fiscally responsible budget that paid down debt, improved state government efficiency and effectiveness, protected our communities and helped attract job creators to Michigan.

Senate Republican kept education as a top priority — increasing support for all levels of education. State spending on K-12 education has gone up more than a billion dollars over the last five years, and Michigan is now spending more on K-12 education than ever in state history.

Residents said that they wanted the roads fixed, so Senate Republicans put nearly $500 million into the roads this year and finally addressed Michigan’s long-term road funding problem.

Once fully implemented, Michigan’s comprehensive, long-term road-funding plan will put $1.2 billion — including $600 million in new revenue and reprioritizing $600 million in existing revenue — into fixing our crumbling roads and bridges every year.

To ensure Michigan drivers and taxpayers are both protected, Senate Republicans demanded that road work is warrantied to last and limited the growth of government by capping our state’s income tax. The income tax will automatically be reduced each General Fund growth exceeds the rate of inflation — putting money directly back in the pockets of Michigan families.

Senate Republicans accomplished much in 2015 to improve our state, and our commitment to our residents is to continue working tirelessly to build upon our accomplishments.