Horn Hometown Tour: Bronner’s CHRISTmas Wonderland

After serving chicken dinners and meeting with customers at the Bavarian Inn, Sen. Ken Horn stopped by the world-famous Bronner’s CHRISTmas Wonderland for part two of a special three-part series in his own hometown of Frankenmuth.

Carla Bronner-Spletzer — Bronner’s vice president and daughter of the fabled Wally Bronner — and her staff developed an itinerary that kept the senator busy during his visit to the world’s largest Christmas store.

Before getting to work, Bronner-Spletzer and Horn explored the life and legacy of the late Bronner, looked over various memorabilia from Bronner’s life and discussed the history of what started as a hobby in 1945 in the basement of the young Bronner’s parents’ house.

Today, Bronner’s store is a 27-acre complex that employs three generations of the family and roughly 700 employees during the peak of the Christmas season.

Watch as Horn is put to work showing off his “talent” in decorating Christmas cookies and personalizing Christmas tree ornaments (where the senator painted ornaments for his grandchildren).

The showroom fills the customers with the Christmas Spirit all year long. While it is an inspiring site to behold, it is only one-third of the store. Behind the scenes is an immense warehouse of Christmas joy — where Bronner’s workers pack and ship a few of the store’s 220,000 annual online and catalog orders.

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Horn Hometown Tour: Bavarian Inn Restaurant

Sen. Ken Horn’s latest stop on his Hometown Jobs Tour took him to his hometown of Frankenmuth for part one of a special three-part series. In this segment, Horn returned to his first job for an afternoon of serving chicken dinners at the world-famous Bavarian Inn Restaurant.

Upon arrival, Horn was greeted by Frankenmuth’s own Dorothy Zehnder, who has been with the Bavarian Inn since its formation in the 1950s.

The duo made their way back through the hectic kitchen, where Zehnder put Horn to work making sides and putting together lunch entrées. As things were ramping up for lunch, Zehnder put the senator to work on the dessert line.

Watch as Horn receives a hands-on lesson about preparing and portioning out desserts from one of the nation’s most experienced chefs.

Horn then took to the line to expedite orders with the wait staff. Dressed in his trademark lederhosen, Horn carried trays, delivered meals and met with diners to explain his hometown tours and discuss his role working under Zehnder for the day.

Since first taking office in the Senate in 2015, Horn has toured the 32nd Senate District performing various jobs and experiencing a diverse variety of culture throughout mid-Michigan communities.

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Horn Hometown Tour: Saginaw Fire Department


Sen. Ken Horn recently continued his 2016 Hometown Tour series by spending the day with some of Saginaw’s first responders at Station One of the Saginaw Fire Department (SFD).

Station One houses 51 full-time firefighters with 13 firefighters on duty at all times. Horn joined the crew for a morning of gear preparation, running drills, getting dressed and sliding down the pole from the loft, and other preparation needed in the event of a call.

After familiarizing himself with the various equipment on site, Horn and the team gathered in the ladder truck and departed for the training grounds. SFD has property within city limits that they use to conduct training exercises such as ladder use, practice working on pitched roofs and vehicle extractions. They also have a large tower they use to practice running hoses and bucket extractions with the ladder truck.

While at the training grounds, Horn had the opportunity to participate in several training drills with the team. They began by taking the bucket on the ladder truck — capable of reaching 100 feet — to the top of the training tower so Horn could familiarize himself with how the department runs hoses and handles fires in high-rise structures.

Once the training exercises on the tower were completed, Horn then moved to the opposite side of the property for the last leg of the tour: vehicle extractions. After breaking through some windows and clearing glass, the senator was able to cut through some hinges and panels with the Jaws of Life, and even had the opportunity to completely remove a car door.

Since taking office in the Senate, Horn has toured the 32nd Senate District performing various jobs and experiencing a diverse variety of culture throughout mid-Michigan communities.

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Horn Hometown Tour: Flushing Community Schools

Sen. Ken Horn, R-Frankenmuth, continued his 2016 Hometown Tour series last week with a stop in Flushing for an inside look at Flushing Community Schools. Horn spent the morning touring various locations in the school district — meeting administrators, educators and students.

In honor of March is Reading Month, Horn was able to stop at two of Flushing’s elementary schools. Horn read to second- and fourth-grade classes at Central Elementary and two fourth-grade classes at Elms Elementary. In addition to reading to students, he also took questions from the kids and discussed the duties of a legislator.

The next stop was Flushing Middle School. Horn visited both a seventh-grade social studies class and an eighth-grade American history class, where he discussed the benefit and importance of a politically informed and involved populous. Students also had the chance to ask questions relating to the life and responsibilities of being a state senator. Horn also had an opportunity to serve lunch and meet with students as they ate, and be interviewed in the school’s media room by two students.

Horn made his final stop at Flushing High School to visit the eleventh-grade American government class. They discussed the upcoming changes the students will be experiencing in life and why it is important to exercise their civic duties. He also discussed the cost of college, the state’s role in such costs and other ways that government will begin to play a role in their lives as they finish up their careers at Flushing Community Schools and continue on their journey in life.

Hometown Tour: Fenton Winery & Brewery

Sen. Ken Horn’s Hometown Tours originally began as an effort to experience the daily routines of some of the most unique, hard-working people from throughout the 32nd District.

Horn recently kicked off his first Hometown Tour of 2016 in Fenton at the Fenton Winery and Brewery (FWB). The senator spent the afternoon with owners Matt and Ginny Sherrow, learning the ins and outs of their operation and the Michigan brewing industry.

The FWB was founded as a winery in 2007, and the Sherrows embraced the booming craft beer industry in Michigan and added the brewery in 2009. FWB has since expanded to include the original winery, a brewery and full kitchen giving those in mid-Michigan a truly local one-stop experience.

After learning the fundamentals of the craft brewing process, Horn learned that his visit would also include the creation of a specially brewed collaboration project titled “Stout Senator.”

Check out the behind-the-scenes look at FWB’s operations and the special collaboration of “Stout Senator.”

A Day in the Life … with Sen. Ken Horn

In this first edition of the “A Day in the Life” series, Sen. Ken Horn, R-Frankenmuth, offers viewers a glimpse into the life of a Michigan state senator.

The Michigan Senate Republican Blog recently gave the senator a video camera for a day to record the happenings of a session day — from getting ready at 4:30 a.m. to leave the house to returning home in the evening.