Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week

Michigan residents of all ages have had teachers who have made a positive impact in their lives.

The overwhelming majority of teachers do it because of their love of education. They demand excellence from their students and challenge them to reach their full potential.

Not only do teachers teach us what to learn, they teach us how to learn. They open doors to new worlds and inspire us to achieve goals that we might not have thought possible. The job of a teacher is not easy, and it takes a special person to be one. Teachers are unsung heroes.

Teachers are unsung heroes, and Teacher Appreciation Week offers us a time to celebrate the impact they have had on all of our lives. It is a chance to recognize the hard work our teachers perform every day and to thank them for everything they do to help us prepare for a successful future.

We sat down with a few Senate Republicans as they talked about their favorite teachers. Above are the thoughts of Sen. Mike Kowall.

By clicking on the following senator’s names, you can also see teacher appreciation videos from Sen. Peter MacGregor, Sen. Patrick Colbeck and Sen. Mike Nofs.