Horn Hometown Tour: Bavarian Inn Restaurant

Sen. Ken Horn’s latest stop on his Hometown Jobs Tour took him to his hometown of Frankenmuth for part one of a special three-part series. In this segment, Horn returned to his first job for an afternoon of serving chicken dinners at the world-famous Bavarian Inn Restaurant.

Upon arrival, Horn was greeted by Frankenmuth’s own Dorothy Zehnder, who has been with the Bavarian Inn since its formation in the 1950s.

The duo made their way back through the hectic kitchen, where Zehnder put Horn to work making sides and putting together lunch entrées. As things were ramping up for lunch, Zehnder put the senator to work on the dessert line.

Watch as Horn receives a hands-on lesson about preparing and portioning out desserts from one of the nation’s most experienced chefs.

Horn then took to the line to expedite orders with the wait staff. Dressed in his trademark lederhosen, Horn carried trays, delivered meals and met with diners to explain his hometown tours and discuss his role working under Zehnder for the day.

Since first taking office in the Senate in 2015, Horn has toured the 32nd Senate District performing various jobs and experiencing a diverse variety of culture throughout mid-Michigan communities.

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