Horn Hometown Tour: Flushing Community Schools

Sen. Ken Horn, R-Frankenmuth, continued his 2016 Hometown Tour series last week with a stop in Flushing for an inside look at Flushing Community Schools. Horn spent the morning touring various locations in the school district — meeting administrators, educators and students.

In honor of March is Reading Month, Horn was able to stop at two of Flushing’s elementary schools. Horn read to second- and fourth-grade classes at Central Elementary and two fourth-grade classes at Elms Elementary. In addition to reading to students, he also took questions from the kids and discussed the duties of a legislator.

The next stop was Flushing Middle School. Horn visited both a seventh-grade social studies class and an eighth-grade American history class, where he discussed the benefit and importance of a politically informed and involved populous. Students also had the chance to ask questions relating to the life and responsibilities of being a state senator. Horn also had an opportunity to serve lunch and meet with students as they ate, and be interviewed in the school’s media room by two students.

Horn made his final stop at Flushing High School to visit the eleventh-grade American government class. They discussed the upcoming changes the students will be experiencing in life and why it is important to exercise their civic duties. He also discussed the cost of college, the state’s role in such costs and other ways that government will begin to play a role in their lives as they finish up their careers at Flushing Community Schools and continue on their journey in life.