Michigan Women’s Spotlight: Candice Miller

Blog - Candice Miller_16Did you know that the first Michigan statewide elected official to ever achieve a margin of victory of more than 1 million votes was Candice Miller?

U.S. Rep. Candice Miller began her career in public service in 1979 when she served on the Harrison Township Board of Trustees in Macomb County. She would go on in 1980 to become the first woman ever elected Harrison Township supervisor. After 12 years as supervisor, she was elected Macomb County treasurer in 1992.

In 1994, Miller ran a historic campaign for Michigan secretary of state, defeating six-term incumbent Richard Austin to become the first woman elected to that position in Michigan. She was overwhelmingly re-elected in 1998. She won every county in the state and tallied a historic margin of victory: 1 million votes!

As secretary of state, Miller improved the quality of service at secretary of state branch offices; implemented a statewide uniform voting system; and ensured that Michigan had free, fair and open elections.

Following her two successful terms, Miller ran for Congress in Michigan’s 10th District in 2002. After being elected, she quickly rose to prominent roles in Washington and now serves as chairwoman of the Committee of House Administration and vice-chairwoman of the House Committee on Homeland Security. Currently, she is the only woman in the House to serve as a chair of a committee.

As chairwoman of the Committee on House Administration, Miller and her fellow committee members are tasked with oversight of federal elections and the day-to-day operations of the House. One of Miller’s major accomplishments through her influential position was to end the practice of taxpayer dollars funding political party conventions. She was able to redirect the funds to pediatric research.

According to the Michigan Women’s Historical Center, Miller is only the third woman in Michigan to have been elected to both state government and the U.S. Congress.

Miller announced last year that she would retire from Congress at the conclusion of her seventh term. In recognition of her historic achievements and her national leadership, Miller was inducted into the Michigan Women of Fame in 2015.