Michigan’s great economic comeback continues

Michigan’s economy has been greatly improving over the past six years. During that time, more than 466,000 private sector jobs have been created. Over the past year, 91,000 jobs have been created in Michigan, and economists project more than 61,000 jobs will be created across Michigan this year and even more in 2017.

On top of that, Michigan’s unemployment rate was 4.6 percent for the month of June — the lowest point in 15 years!

Our unemployment rate has also remained below the national average for several months. Simply put, Michigan is in the middle of a big economic comeback!

But the good news doesn’t end there.

According to state officials, the state’s labor market in early 2016 has continued to strengthen. Michigan’s workforce grew by nearly 3 percent over the past year, far outpacing the national gain of 1.2 percent.

It’s clear that this marks yet another positive chapter in Michigan’s comeback story. We have a lot of positive momentum as we continue toward 2017, and the Michigan Senate Republicans will continue to work hard to make sure our comeback story doesn’t fail.

This good news is evidence that the reforms we have helped to put in place over the past several years are working. As we all remember, it wasn’t all that long ago that Michigan had the highest unemployment rate in the country.

We’ve come too far these past few years to allow the failed policies of the past to haunt us again. The Michigan Senate Republicans are committed to keeping our comeback story going for years to come!