National Ski Association was organized in Ishpeming

In 1904 a meeting was held in Ishpeming, Michigan to discuss formation of a national ski association, but it wasn’t until 1905 that the National Ski Association officially formed. Ishpeming Ski Club President Carl Tellefsen proposed holding a meeting after the 1905 jumping meet to found a ski association which, among other duties, would oversee jumping tournaments. In 1905, the association was formally organized during a meeting attended by officers from the Ishpeming, Minneapolis, Red Wing, Minnesota, Stillwater, Minnesota and Eau Claire, Wisconsin ski clubs. On February 21, 1905, Carl Tellefsen announced the formation of the National Ski Association with himself was its first president.

In 1962, the 57-year-old National Ski Association renamed itself the U.S. Ski Association (USSA), and moved its offices to Colorado Springs, Colorado. In 1976 the USSA and the U.S. Ski Team agreed to part ways. The USSA continued to control the rules and governance of the sport, as well as organizing travel programs for recreational skiers, while the U.S. Ski Team focused solely on the elite national team.

In 1988 the USSA and U.S. Ski Team merged again under the direction of Thomas Weisel, who proposed the creation of a 15-person ‘super board’ responsible for governing both organizations. Howard Peterson, who was the CEO of the USSA at the time, was put in charge of the new organization as CEO and the USSA subsequently moved its national offices from Colorado Springs to its current location in Park City, Utah.