Have a safe and successful deer hunting season

Hunting has always been a favorite tradition and pastime of many Michigan families, and the Michigan Senate Republicans remain committed to protecting our hunting rights.

Michigan attracts more hunters than any other state because our great outdoors offer something to interest every hunter. As a result, hunting contributes $2.3 billion to Michigan’s economy.

More than 614,000 hunters in Michigan harvested about 329,000 deer last year, more deer than in any other Midwest state.

While the regular firearm season from Nov. 15-30 is the most popular deer hunting season, it’s not the only one. Archery season continues Dec. 1 to Jan. 1; muzzle-loading season in southern Michigan is Dec. 4-20; and late antlerless firearm season runs from Dec. 21 to Jan. 1.

Hunting guides and details on current rules and regulations can be found at www.michigan.gov/hunting. On the site, visitors can learn about other hunting seasons and how to get a license.

In the “Where Can I Hunt” section, hunters can create and print customized routes. The Mi-HUNT feature enables hunters to view 7 million acres of state and federal public lands and printable hunting maps highlighting the vegetation of most interest to hunters.

Michigan Senate Republicans urge all hunters to keep safety in mind. Most hunting-associated injuries and casualties are preventable. Please follow gun safety rules like wearing “hunter’s orange” and never mixing hunting with drinking alcohol.

Have a safe and successful hunting season!