The Top 10 Michigan consumer complaints

Fighting fraud, scams and bogus charities are just a few of the things the Consumer Protection Division of the department of attorney general handles. This division is focused on the important work of stopping fraudsters and raising awareness of deceitful scams.

In honor of National Consumer Protection Week, the attorney general’s office announced the top 10 Michigan consumer complaint categories for 2015:

  1. Credit and financial concerns;
  2. Telecommunications, cable and satellite TV;
  3. Retail;
  4. Motor vehicle and automobiles;
  5. Internet;
  6. Personal service providers;
  7. Landlord and tenant;
  8. Gasoline, fuel and energy;
  9. Contractors; and
  10. Health service providers.

The Consumer Protection Division is an integral part of the DNA of the department of attorney general. The cases that the Consumer Protection Division handles are vital to protecting Michigan taxpayers. Whether those cases involve children who have been ignored by a parent failing to pay child support, or environmental issues, even Medicaid fraud or patient abuse, the department of attorney general spends countless hours mediating complaints that fall within their jurisdiction.

However, not all consumer complaints or inquiries are handled by the attorney general’s Consumer Protection Division. By law, many other state and federal agencies and departments are involved in assisting consumers. To direct your complaint or inquiry to the appropriate agency, consult the Consumer Complaint Directory, which can be found at For example, many complaints surrounding cars should be reported to the secretary of state’s office.

To file a complaint, Michigan residents should visit the attorney general’s website: A written complaint is the most efficient route to reach the consumer protection team and can be sent to:

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette
Consumer Protection Division
P.O. Box 30213
Lansing, MI 48909